Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome to Paper Cuts!

Obviously this blog is new and under construction, but soon I hope to get the hang of this and plan to blog often! I hope to share with you not only my love for stamping and paper crafting, but also my family and other adventures in my life! My blog name, “Paper Cuts” came from an accumulation of many things in my life. Yes, I do get plenty of paper cuts and unfortunately paper-cutter cuts (I can’t believe I admitted that…especially since it has happened more than once….way more), but I also have three kids, two of which are boys (so we get all sorts of cuts and bruises here), a barber for a husband, a barber for a father-in-law, and a beautician for a sister, so we have plenty of other “cuts” to talk about! My boys actually get more bruises than cuts (and that includes hair cuts), but Paper Bruises just didn’t sound so clever! So stick around and check back often and hopefully I will have something you are interested in seeing. I might post a card that I created, I might post a picture of my kids, or I might post a recipe I made for dinner. You won’t get perfection and probably not even professionalism here, but hopefully you will get a few good laughs and maybe a tip or two whether it be in paper cutting, crafting, cooking, parenting, or just in life!


Deana said...

Kisa, is it stalking if I check your blog everyday? You always make me smile so I will be checking in on you often.


mwebb said...

Congratulations on your Paper Cuts!!!

I can't get on to blogs at work, but I can stalk you before and after school. :o) I already stalk Heather, so now I can stalk the both of you.

Happy Blogging....


Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kisa you have a blog - woo hoo - I am sooooo excited!!!!

I'll be watching you...every day...

{funny how that doesn't sound so bad since the invention of blogging?}

{or, erm, I suppose it's possible that it DOES still sound bad but I don't get it?}

Mary is next.

Kay said...

Wow, Kisa, You betcha, I will check back often. How do you find the time? Congratulations on this new adventure. Kay

Heather said...

OK, I checked your blog 10 times yesterday and now I wake up and 4 other people have already posted, dang it!
I love your blog. So excited that you started it!!


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