Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm sick : (

Normally I don't complain too much but .... Mommy....I don't feeeel very good (in my whiniest voice possible!)

I will try to post something this afternoon, but unfortunately I didn't get to stamp this weekend. I did get to shop a bit Saturday and had a really nice time with Mary even though I didn't feel the greatest. Sunday I had to work a bit and then I mostly just laid around, so I didn't get any weekend stamping in, which is kind of sad because I got a new stamp set that I LOVE and I really want to play with maybe I will take a bit of a break this afternoon and play! I have LOTS of work today so I really feel sorry for myself because I don't feel well and I'd rather be stamping! Oh well. Thanks for checking in on me. You might want to wash your hands right after you leave so you don't catch this crud I have. I think that was my problem...I chatted with Heather LOTS through email and comments last week while she was sick and I think I got it from her! (By the check out her cute kids on her new header - they are beautiful!)


Heather said...

Hey! Hope you are feeling better soon!!! Thanks for making a great header for me. I LOVE it!

Deana said...

Oh Kisa I hope you feel better soon. We got home from Sunriver late last night and MJ woke up sick. 102 temp and throwing up. And I wanted to come to Bandon today and get my new scorepal.... guess not w/a sick kid.

Delia said...

Nothing like Mommy when your sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Danyelle Kessler said...

Hope ur feeling better, chica!


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