Thursday, April 24, 2008

Let's Go Shopping!

Warning: I wrote this at 2:55 a.m. and I'm a bit delirious...and I think it might show!

goodies found
A few weeks ago I found all of these goodies in one stop at my favorite store in town! Ross, Dress for Less! If you are not familiar with this store, it is similar to a TJ Max, and if you are not familiar with that...then shoot...I don't know what to tell ya, except you can find lots of name-brand things at discounted prices, clothes, shoes, and housewares. This is my first stop when looking for a gift!

So, while browsing the aisles one day, I spied one mega big cappuccino cup! I fell in LOVE! The color, the texture, oh, it was so creamy and yummy..snagged it up right away! Didn't even look at the price! Then I went down another aisle and way in the back behind some plates...guess what? I found another one! Oh, I was THRILLED! I didn't know what I was going to do with them...but I knew I had to have, they were each only $2.49!! Sold!! So, I turned the corner and headed down the next aisle....and guess what my little eye spied? Mini ones? I mean, what could be better than two giant cappuccino cups??? two mini ones with saucers! I mean...was it my birthday or what? I didn't have a cart or a basket...but I snatched those little buggers up too! The container was missing the lid, but I didn't care! They were even the same brand... I couldn't believe it! Thrilled beyond measure....then I looked at the price $3.99 for the set? So I thought...I need a cart cuz I need to find somethin to put in my new cups! I was on a roll! I was done in the kitchen section and was heading towards the bath section (always can find some yummy soap or bath gel there) and guess what? I wasn't even half-way to the bath section (I still had to go through bedding, picture frames, and shoes) and I found the bestest stack of washcloths in the most perfectest colors.... 12 for a whoppin' $2.99! Then I remembered that I passed the No. 1 best aisle of them I slammed on my brakes...threw her in reverse and went to it! The CANDY and FOOD aisle that is! (obviously non-perishables!) I found the cutest tin of Chamomile Tea...actually, I didn't care what the heck kind of tea was in there... cuz the colors were delish and matched my cup so I was sold for $3.99, (but worth it cuz it was a really cute tin)! Back on my way to the bath section...or perhaps the toiletry section...I tried on a pair of shoes...and by-golly....they fit my little fat piggies... The cutest little black-rubber-crock-lookin-like-maryjane-Sketchers I've ebba seen! Scored for $16.95! (Went for the Rubber....cuz a girl loves her Rubbah....and if they get smelly...I can hose them down!) Okay...back on track...back to the soapy aisle...and I found a loverly bottle of Liz Claiborne bath gel (Liz makes bath stuff? Humpf...who knew it?...Only at Ross!) So I gots me my goodies...and I got them home....put on my new shoes and took a picture! I think the picture is just delish...the colors...the cups....the cloths...the tea...the soap (yup...soap is yummy)!

Well, thanks for taking a little shoppin' trip with me. Stay tuned and I will let you see what I created!


Delia said...

Great find!!! I love when that happens, seems like you just can't go wrong. Love your stash.

Heather said...

Can't wait to see what you make!

Deana said...

Boy Kisa, you did hit the jackpot. I never get lucky when I go to Ross, I guess I better slow down and look a little better. I love the frame, it is too cute. Maybe Sara will get pregers soon...


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