Thursday, April 10, 2008

My kids, pictures, and problems!

So I'm having some major issues with my images. Maybe someone can help me! I don't know if the problem is me or blogger! You may have noticed that some of my pictures can be opened up to a new page to view larger and some cannot. I would prefer that the pictures could be opened, and I cannot figure out why some can be opened and some cannot! I have spent way too long trying to figure it out and I still have not come to any conclusions. At first I thought maybe it was the size of the file, but I really am clueless. If I link directly to picasa then you can open them, and that seems to be reliable, but I'd really just rather upload them one time from my computer straight into the blog, which is where I run into problems. I'm going to keep playing with it and see what I can figure out.

While I'm playing, you can enjoy my MOST favorite picture I've ever taken in my whole entire life! I LOVE this picture! I even had it printed 11 x 15 for my husband to have at his barber shop. This picture is 3 years old, so I updated his big picture at the shop this year. He said that a lot of people actually were quite bummed and complained that the picture was gone! I am thrilled because now I get to enjoy it at home! : ) To me, this picture shows my kids EXACTLY how they are! There personalities SHINE through and I love it for that!
Left to right, Andrew (now 10), Shawn (now 12), and Krista (now 11). Just for fun, today, I added the sun....cuz I miss the sun and could sure use some!
Is this not the best picture you've ever seen?


Deana said...

This is such a great picture of your kids, you should have let Mark keep it up at work and just added a new one next to it.

Heather said...

I love the picture! We could use some sun here is cold and rainy!

MichelleO said...

Love the photo of your kids! I see why it is a favorite. And if you figure out why some open larger and some don't let me know cuz mine do the same thing!

sushistamper said...

It is a FANTASTIC photo! I have a few like that of my 3 younger sisters and I just before I moved out, and they are some of my favourite photos:)

Nardi said...

What a great photo! TFS!
I hope you get your image problem sorted. [Have you checked out the SCS 'How to make Blogspot look better' thread? There seem to be some very cluey and technically-able people on there who may be able to help. HTH.]

cheryl said...

Love that pic of your kids - I can see why it's your fave!

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

I have that problem too! I was wondering if it has something to do with the image sizes? Like, if your image is smaller than 600x800 or something, it doesn't go to the "get bigger" click? I don't know though, that's just the only guess I could come up with.

Your kids are so fun.


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