Friday, September 19, 2008

A Birthday card, a broken bone and a bummed boy.

Well what a week!? I'm exhausted and I'm just so glad that it is Friday. Sunday I needed a quick birthday card for my brother-in-law. I had NO idea what to do so I went through some swap cards. I found a cute card with a fun image that I thought would work for him, but the card was pink and brown and I just didn't think that this would be appropriate for him, so I tore the image off the card (matting and all) and cut it out (you can still see a bit of pink around tail where there was some sponging done). Then I put it on a piece of cardstock I already had sitting out on the table, poked some holes in it, stuck a few brads in it and called it good! I think this was nearly the fastest and easiest card I've ever done, and really, I was quite happy with it! I need to make these kinds of simple cards more often! Oh, and the balloon was pink too, so I colored it black, then took a white gel pen and wrote "Old Fart."

Now for the broken bones and the bummed boy. My son has been playing some sort of football since the 4th grade. He loves it. In fourth grade, he played with the fifth and sixth graders in a summer program, and he did this summer football camp for three years. In sixth grade, he also played on the 7th grade football team (along with a few other sixth graders). This year, in his first game of the season as a 7th grader (he's 13), he broke his foot. He will be out for the rest of the season. I spent Wednesday running him around between the doctor and the hospital for x-rays. Yesterday, he finally saw the orthopedic doctor and got a boot and he is feeling much better. He will be able to go back to school Monday. It wasn't a terrible fracture but still a fracture, so he will be out for the season.

I was video taping the game from across the field up in the stands. I had to zoom in to see what was going on. I got the pictures from the video. Shawn told me years ago, probably as a kindergartner, that I was NOT allowed to go check on him if he was hurt, unless the coaches motioned for me to come over. So, after seven years of sports, I sit very calmly in the stands and wait. I'm pretty sure the biggest reason he doesn't want me over there is because he'd probably start crying and NO boy wants their mommy down there in front of the whole world! I'm good as long as I see that he's moving.... no movement....very scary. I can deal with broken limbs...

So, in the picture, you can see my husband in the blue hat, and my daughter in the brown sweatshirt. I was quite surprised to catch a glimpse of compassion when she touched him on the head. They are only one year apart and they fight something awful. I think I'll cherish this picture forever .....and possibly use it for blackmail some day! : )

Have a good weekend! I'm hoping to have a very boring weekend filled with lots of stamping (of course, this part won't be the boring part!)


marywebb said...

Oh man Kisa, the pictures made me get all teary, I could not be a football mom. Tyler is saying he's going to try fooball next year and I'm already worried sick about it.

I love the last one of Krista touching his her, that's so sweet, it will be good blackmail too!!! :o)

I'm glad he's going to be o.k., what a bummer for him, I know how he loves his football playing.

Toni K said...

Poor guy! I have a hockey player and I know how it goes when they're hurt and you better not make a move in their direction. I know my son would be devestated to be out for the season. He'll come back better than ever next year!
BTW, nice way to use a swap card.

Rachel Hope said...

OH...that card is Perfection...too funny! :)

{{{HUGS}}} to you, b/c I know a 13 yo boy would not take them ;)

Vickilyn said...

Love love love the card!! Sorry to hear about your son! My son plays soccer and when he was four, he broke his leg playing soccer in our back yard!! Wasn't even in team play yet!

Hopefully he'll feel better soon, but I am sure he'll be itching to play!!

And keep the picture - blackmail is always a GREAT thing between brother and sister!!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Hope Shawn is feeling better! Love your card!!

mueppi said...

Your card is great!!!!

I hope, Shawn is felling better now!!!!!!
Hugs Gisela

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Oh Kisa! You are soooo strong. You are super mom, you need to tell me your secrets, I'm sure my boyz will hate me by the time they are 8 because I'll be worried all the time. At least other family members were there so he wasn't all alone. Hope he's doing better!


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