Friday, October 17, 2008

Under Construction.

Well I was trying to change something on my blog and I think I lost lots of stuff!  smile_cryOh well!  I’ll get some of my widgets back up soon – until then I thought I’d share a quick card!

Nancy Morgan (Paper Smiles) so nicely shared an image with me of this great cupcake!  She had some wonderful samples with this image and they all had glitter – so of course, I had to use glitter!  I also used the Coluzzle file template – thought I’d try it since I’ve owned it for nearly two years and haven’t done anything with it! 

Hopefully I’ll get my blog all figured out soon and have it lookin nice and pretty!  smile_wink



Heather Lee-Reppen said...

Cute card! Love the clear flower! Hope you have a great weekend!

marywebb said...

Great card!! I hope you find your "stuff" for your blog and don't have to do it all over.

nancy morgan said...

Glitter rocks...and so does your card :) !!! I had a feeling you'd make something fabulous with that image! nancy :)

Jennifer Love said...

Awesome card! Love the colors...hope you figure everything out with your blog. :( I hate it when I make a mistake like that.


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