Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Color Throwdown Wednesday

I know it appears that I’ve just sort of forgotten about the Color Throwdown – I promise – I haven’t!  I’ve had to take a bit of a break but I still wanted to give a shout-out to the girls working hard over there! Hi Guys!  Hope all is well! 

Here’s what they are working on this week:


I realize now that these leaves look just a bit like the notorious cannabis emblem – sorry - I swear I didn’t mean to do that and didn’t realize it until just now!  So – say NO to drugs…..and Yes to great colors!


Heather said...

Funny thing was when I saw the banner today on the throwdown blog I was going to give you a hard time and then I came to your blog and saw you had posted something about it here. I have to admit the first thing that came to my mind was cannabis, LOL!
Hope you have a great day!

Tammy Hershberger said...

LOL I thought the same thing, but I ain't gonna' complain! You might not do anymore banners for us! NO, NO, NO drugs! :)

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

LOL, you always make me laugh! Great color choices, so nice and fall-ish.


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