Thursday, November 13, 2008

So, You want to see more?

Our Craft Lounge….only one more day and then you can see it all in one place! I was having a hard time deciding what to show next, but I had a special request for the Beaver … so here HE is! Bubs The Beaver:

He’s pretty tough looking isn’t he? I just love him….he’s totally saying…”Hmmph…I forgot your Birthday…but what’cha gonna do about it?”

thumbnail_asp I think there are lots of possibilities for the logs to create a little gift with this guy! I used Twix Stix – I even cut the ends of one to look like they were chewed by Mr. Bubs himself. I think these would look really cute in an acetate box or just like this. I also think chocolate covered pretzel logs would be great too!

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And don’t forget to check back Friday for the LINK to the store, where you can shop ‘til you drop and earn some pink tickets! Forget about Black Friday – We’re making it Pink Friday!!


Aren’t they cute ‘n pink?!! If you make a purchase the grand opening weekend of Our Craft Lounge (Friday, Saturday and Sunday ~ November 14, 15 & 16th), you will get one pink ticket included in your order for each stamp set you purchase! Hold on to these tickets because OCL will start choosing winners the following weekend (November 21st to 23rd), and every weekend until December 1st. You never know when a new ticket number winner will show up on the front page of our site so check in to see what the prizes are, but trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Still more to come Friday…….Pink Friday that is!


Heather said...

WOW! He is totally cute! Great job!

Pam/Iris said...

Super cute Kisa!

Everytime your blog banner pops up, it makes me smile!!

marywebb said...

I just love the beaver Kisa!!!! I can't wait to add him to my collection that I don't stamp with. I need some sort of displa area for all my wonderful stamps that are so nice and clean without ny ink on them because I keep buying and not using them. :o)

Cambria Turnbow said...

You are totally brilliant Kisa! LOVE those twix sticks.... TOO CLEVER!! I just love Bubs...he makes me smile! ROCK STAR!

Tracey said...

Wow! That is adorable!

Denise said...

This stamp set is so cute, love the card!

Bevie Pearl said...

Kisa, You rocked the charts with this one!!!

happiness blooms said...

Kisa, this is BEYOND cute!!!

Lila H said...

I love BUBS!!!! and that's the cutest little phrase...... I'll be dammed...CUTE!

nancy morgan said...

I LOVE Bub :) ... and what you did with him. He does look tough, but I don't buy it, he's simply adorable!

Toni K said...

What a cute little guy! I want him! Very cute card!


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