Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Kreativ Award

Just for me!  Nancy Morgan of Paper Smiles awarded me with this award a few weeks back and since I’m such a punctual person, I’m just now re-rewarding it!  smile_wink 

Thank you Nancy! I was pleasantly surprised and honored to receive this from you!!  It’s Pretty and it is PINK – of course I love this award!


The rules appear to be very easy….Just pass the award onto 5 of your Kreativ blogging friends, and leave a comment to let them know about their award!

1. Heather –  Ink On My Ear, inspires me EVERY day – even if she doesn’t think she does!  She’s amazing with Glitter and Shimmerz and does wonders with colors that I’m often ascared to use!

2. Broni – Splashes of Watercolor – Now you want to see some amazing watercoloring or any kind of coloring? Just check out Broni! She’s my watercoloring idol!

3. Lisa – Hannah’s Tutus  - I met Lisa several years ago through Splitcoast.  Her beautiful crafting creativity opened up many doors for her and I’m so happy that she now has a booming business making Tutus! I was one of the lucky ones who got to see pictures of her progress on her very first Tutu that she made for her daughter, Hannah!  If you’ve got a little girl or know a little girl – YOU MUST check these out!  Her pictures are gorgeous too! 

4. Lynda – Stamp Act – Lynda has been rockin’ the 12 Days of Christmas and I love every single day of it!   She’s got a delicate hand and her creations exude a kind of softness that I LOVE!

5. Sankari – Sunny Sankary – Sankari – When I visit Sankari’s blog I know I’m going to see something beautiful.  She has such a fabulous elegant style.  Her cards are so packed full of detail you have to look at least 3 times – don’t worry though – you’ll want to keep looking! 

There ya go -  five inspiring ladies!!  Check  them out! 


Hannah's Tutus said...

Hey Kisa -

After a night of Caleb's antics (why a 18 mth old cant sleep thru the night....) I was surprised to see this you made my day!! Thanks so much!


broni (waterchild12) said...

Ah, Kisa, you're too kind and sweet! Thanks so much for this special award!!

Heather said...

Shucks, I'm blushing! Thank you so much, you made my day!!!!!


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