Thursday, February 26, 2009

Got Green?

Our Craft LoungeIrish Blessing.  This was one of my first  cards with REAL Copics – and all I can say is WOW! What was I waiting for?  I don’t have all of the colors, so the grey on the pot of gold is colored with Prismacolor markers,  but the rest is Copic!  I recently got my hands on OCL’s Marianne-hand-picked sets – Bright, Pastel and Earth tones and all three sets actually work very well together!  I think this was a fabulous way for me to try my hand at these markers!  I think I’d pick the pastels if I only could get one set or maybe the Earth tones (although I don’t see them in the store right now)!!


Inside view….I LOVE this hat!

I know I need LOTS and LOTS of practice with these markers – but practice is fun!  The part that I find the hardest is leaving white space – I LOVE that I was able to on this hat….but it is very very hard for me to do!  I used the long scalloped rectangles from Spellbinders - Nestabilities and the Label one set!

  I used the frog in Bubs the Beaver with Kiss Me, I’m Green for this card. kisaskissme2and  Irish Blessing (colored BC – before Copics) again for this card!


Tomorrow I’ll share a little sunshine! (I’ve really been craving it as we’ve had so much rain lately!) 


marywebb said...

Cute cards Kisa...and Copics, I'm so envious!!! You did a great job with them, but you do a great job with all sorts of markers, pencils, H20 crayons, etc. :o)

MrsETaylor said...

Hi Kisa,

Just stopping by to tell you how much I love your blog. I don't know if you accept blog awards, but I gave you one. You can find the info at

Thanks so much for always making such great cards Kisa.

Norine said...

what cute cards I love that hat also


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