Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Version

Okay – as promised, here is the other card I made using the same sketch from OCL’s little challenge over at The Lounge or at Cami’s blog (visit either one for more info). 

Okay – so tell me, do these cats make you sleepy?  They sure made me sleepy!  Seriously, I was coloring the orange cat and you can see the line right where the tail meets the back, well…that is right where my head completed bobbed as I nodded off to sleep!  It wasn’t even late – I guess I just got so cozy and comfy coloring these darlings that I couldn’t keep my eyes opened and my head up!  I jerked my head up, picked my pen up and laughed, which woke me right up and I got back to coloring! 

The cardstock is actually grey and the paper is Basic Grey – Boxer.  I thought these were such yummy rich colors, and something quite out of the ordinary for me – I thought it also made Big Orange pop just a bit!  For the sentiment in the cloud, I used a rub-on, then I covered it with some clear glue and sprinkled white Sparkly Fluff over it – This is a new product soon to be released by OCL – YOU WILL LOVE IT!  Remember those fuzzy stickers we would get as kids, like the fuzzy kitten sticker, well – think of that – it is very similar, but sparkley and better!!!  Can you see it?

Here’s another card I’ve previously posted using the white Sparkly Fluff – very cool eh?  I stamped, colored and punched/cut these out, ran them through my Xyron image side down, and then sprinkled with Sparkly Fluff, then ran them back through the Xyron fuzzy side up, and WHAM!  DAM!  Thank You CAM (and Joy)!! I’ve got fuzzy stickers!!! 


Terri T. said...

I love those cats! Cute card.

Norine said...

that card is too cute love the coloring


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