Thursday, March 5, 2009

If you can’t see it then please don’t cut it!

So, I bought myself some black yoga pants from Old Navy a while back and I LOVE them! (Unfortunately I don’t use them enough for exercise….they are my comfy pants!) Every evening I can’t wait to get them on….so warm, so soft and so let-my-gut-hang-out comfortable! The other day I noticed a snag on the backside, and well, it kept catching my attention so I decided I needed it cut. I took some scissors to my husband and pointed out where the snag was and asked him to please snip the thread. I could tell that if the thread was just cut a little shorter it would not create a hole and I could leave it alone! Well, just as I was about to say “Don’t you DARE cut these babies”….I hear “Ooops!” I said, “You are kidding right?” He said, “Nope, I cut your pants. You don’t wear these in public anyway, do you?” Then he said…. “I couldn’t see.” Okay….so, No, I don’t wear them out of the house, but when and where is it EVER OKAY TO CUT SOMETHING WITH SCISSORS WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE….and especially when it is touching my butt?? He said, “It is a small hole, no one will notice.” Then he holds up the “snag” with a nice maybe 1/4 inch piece of material attached. Okay, so these are STRETCHY pants….right? So what size do you think it stretches to? Well, big enough for my whole finger to go through and definitely big enough for the world to see my pink underwear! Such a sad sad day. Thanks for being there for me and understanding my sadness about the end of a wonderful pair of stretchy pants! Hopefully the card below will help brighten your day!!

Okay – now for a card!

So this card’s layout is so boring, I know, but I just couldn’t figure out how to use such a large picture! I made a little scene with this cute Lizzie Anne Designs, Giddyup Girl set. I first stamped the girl, then masked her and stamped the large cactus, then I stamped the other two smaller ones……then I went CRAZY with my Copics! I spent quite a while on the ground because I really wanted it to look like a hot desert – I think I nearly pulled it off! (This is one of the sets I won last year – and this was my first time inking it up and I don’t know why it has take me so long! It is darling!)

I used the Copic markers from the sets from Our Craft Lounge – I’m thrilled with these sets! Even though I have no where near 300 colors (only 24) I really feel like the color selection from these sets work so well together. Of course, I can hardly wait to get more, but until then….these are great color sets!

Have a great Friday! I actually have TONS of cards I need to post – so hopefully I’ll get to it and get them uploaded for you to see!


Elaine said...

Girlie, you made me laugh so hard with the yoga pants and then you put up a darling rock!

Heather said...

LMAO cus I can totally relate!
Your card is fantastic! The coloring is out of this world! Wonderful card!

marywebb said...

Your card is soooooo cute, of course I'm alway partial to the cowgirl cards!! I'm sorry about your pants, if he wasn't looking, you are probably lucky he didn't cut more than just a finger sized hole!! :o)

Hope Krista is better...keep the boys away from her so they stay healthy for your trip! :o)

Heidi Brawley said...

Awe what a cute card!!! As for your pants...Would a patch help? Decorate them up some!!!! Have a Great weekend!!!! ~Heidi

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Kisa, you always have the best stories. And I feel your PAIN because my absolute favorite pair of yoga pants is from Old Navy too (although I do wear them out of the house because sometime in the last 15 months I turned into a total slob) and I was helping DH move the fridge around and a tiny corner snagged my pants, right in the butt of course, and made a finger-sized hole too. That was a bad day.

Love your Lizzie card. You made an awesome scene!

Faith said...

LOL...LOL Kisa... I will remember to tell this story to Bobby (Shoe) when he goes in to get his hair cut... WATCH OUT for that Mark guy!!! LOL..LOL


Norine said...

thanks for the laugh Men LOL
love the card super cute


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