Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh man! I wish it were Saturday!

I tell ya, I’m ready for the weekend!  I’m tired of work….(real work – the one that pays) and I’m ready to play!  The one thing that has been exciting and keeping me going this week has been sharing all of the fun new Our Craft Lounge peeks!  I’ve got another one for you!  And don’t forget, tomorrow is the BIG day – the release….the party….the prizes!! 


Isn’t this little fella cute?  If I saw a REAL mouse hanging from a flower, I actually think I might NOT scream, if it were outside that is!  Now, if that flower was in the house….I’d run for my life and scream like a girl, and I’m pretty sure my son would be right behind me!  My son, oh my I-think-I’m-a-man-but-I-scream-at-bugs-son!  One time, I was  driving down the road and a spider started coming down a web from the roof of the car (inside the car, right in front of me).  I was like, don’t panic, don’t panic… don’t panic…, and my son was like, “Oh my gosh mom, there’s a spider, Oh my gosh…Oh my gosh.”   I was trying my hardest not to freak out and not to drive off the road.  I said, “Hurry Shawn, get something and hit it to the floor!”  He said, “No! I can’t!”  At about that time, the spider fell and then the screaming started….and it wasn’t me!  He was about to jump out of the moving car.  I had pull over and find that spider and make sure it was dead.  I was like, “Thanks a lot Shawn!” And then another time, I was outside and Shawn said, “Oh my gosh mom! There’s a spider crawling up your back!”  Then he screamed and ran away!  I was like, “HELLO? Could you help me here?”  But he was still running and screaming….so I was left there to jump and flail around like an idiot… and he’s taller than me! 

Woa!  I got off track there! 

Okay, back to the mouse!  Isn’t it cute? I actually LOVE this card and there are not too many of my own cards that I can say that about!  I colored it with Copic Markers and Sparkled it up with Crafty Sparkles.  I just LOVE outlining images with this stuff! I think it makes it really stand out and just sparkle, and it is such a simple technique!  I use a Quicky Glue Pen.  And how about that sentiment and font? Cute, eh? 

Well, there are a lot more sneaky-peekies to check out today – and don’t forget about tomorrow! 

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Tracey said...

What an adorable card this is! Love that little mouse!

Heather said...

This is so cute. I was going to ask what you used to add that sparkle, it looks great. Now I'm going to have to try these crafty sparkles! Cute story about Shawn, I think Tom would fall into the same category when it comes to spiders. I'm the man of the house if a spider is involved, lol.
Your card is totally adorable and the font is definitely totally cool on that sentiment!

Heather McNally said...

SO CUTE! I love this card! And your stories are funn-ay!

Debbie said...

OMG Kisa! I am ROTFLMAO right now! Ahhh...that story is HYSTERICAL b/c I can soooooooooo relate! LOL...still chuckling over here!

Your card is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE what you do with glitter girl! You are a glitter rock star!

Cambria Turnbow said...

I totally CANNOT see your Shawn squealing over a spider. I'm gonna have to see that one! You make me laugh and smile sweet friend! I cannot wait to see you on Saturday!

LOVE this card.... LOVE IT! No one rocks the Sparkles like you!

Thanks for all your help!

Pam said...

So sweet Kisa, love the sparklys and colors you used with that littlw mouse peeking out!

Carolyn King said...

This is adorable. Love the stamp and love all the sparkle you added!! Darling!

Beth said...

Love this!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors you picked!! What an adorable image!! Great work!!blessings and hugs!!

SuZeQ said...

You did better than I would have. I would have driven right off the road IMMEDIATELY. Thanks for this opportunity.


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