Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On the second day of school…

Mom finally got out of bed and took a picture!


I felt like such a bad mom for not remembering to take a picture on the first day of school! I must admit that I do sleep in while the kids are getting ready in the morning!  They are VERY good at getting themselves showered and fed and ready to go (with dad hurrying them up most days) and then their dad takes them to school and I get all of the after-school duties (a pretty fair trade  most days, I’d say, minus the laundry, dinner, dishes, etc., etc…).  I usually work late at night and they get up way too early for me!  They do come in and give me a kiss good bye and I get the FINAL say if hair and clothes are acceptable, and I usually have to say “too much eye-liner” to my daughter.   I remember when most of the background picture was with the red wall behind them…with a stripe right behind their heads, and now you can hardly see the stripe!  They’ve grown so much! 

I’ve been really busy with work and getting the kids ready for school – but I do have a card to share! I actually got a chance to make a few a few nights ago:

Happy Holly Days – from Our Craft Lounge 

















I think this is such a pretty Christmas set.  I LOVE the poinsettia.  I stamped it three times, cut out each layer that I waned and stacked it up – I think it made the flower really pop.  The sentiment comes from another Our Craft Lounge stamp set, Merry Wishes.  It has TONS of great holiday sentiments!  The paper is by Bo Bunny – ‘Tis The Season.  I added the holly stamp around the edges of the paper and colored with Copic markers – I LOVED the look this gave the card – a little vintage.  I used Sparkly Fluff – 24K Gold for the center of the flower. 

I have two more Happy Holly-days cards to share with you – and a Friday MOT Class project as well, so check back Friday and I’ll REALLY try to remember to post them!!


Cambria Turnbow said...

Dang! Two fer one baby! LOVE LOVE LOVE this card! Your kids are pretty dang cute too... er, well, I guess they are too old for cute.. tell them I think they look HOT! :)

See ya tomorrow!

broni (waterchild12) said...

LOVE that card, Kisa, and your kids are so good looking! They sure have grown from that banner pic of them!!

Heather said...

Those are your kids? I thought they were still the same as the topper..

Debbie Corbari said...

O...M...G! KISA! Look at your KIDS!!! What a good looking crew you've got there! And HELLO!!! What a FABULOUS card! Yowza! I literally looked at it...and all the details you put into it...and thought in my head "Yowza!". You are so fabulous I can't even stand it!


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