Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just because I’m random that way..

Although I’m such a terrible blogger – you’ve got to love my randomness, right?  Ok – so how about a card.. just because I’m random that way : )

Shades-of-Fall-Kisa2Shades of Fall – it’s a gorgeous set from Our Craft Lounge.   I was a bit random when I colored the card too!  I started with an orange leaf, colored with Copic markers, then I just grabbed a random green marker (see – very random) and blended over the orange – gave it sort of a nice dead leaf color ;D – just the look I was lookin’ for!!  Then I added some dots and smudges and more randomness to the block image.  All in all – I actually like this card : )  Say random 8 times, and it starts to sound very weird!!

Hope your day is great and full of randomness!!


Sandra said...

beautiful! Great set!

Justine said...

Beautiful, Wow I am so not ready for Fall just yet, well never. lol. Great job

Monique said...

Oh i love this.. Fall is my favorite time of year although it is way to short of a season.. Love your colors, embossing and the double bow.Very nice :)

Bev Gerard said...

Love the popped up dimension plus the dry embossing!



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