Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A revamped Birdhouse

My son, Shawn, took a required woodshop class this fall as a freshman and after each project was finished he would bring it home and give it to me.   Ahh, what treasures!!  I LOVE the cutting board - my mom still has the one I made, so I know that his will last a long time too!   He also brought home a pretty cute whitewashed birdhouse.  I didn't want to hang it outside to rot in the rain - I wanted to be able to see it and keep it for a long time, and although it was whitewashed, it was still a little plain, so with his permission, I decided to decorate it!

Here's how he brought it home - simple, cute, a little shabby, and a little crooked ; )


and this is what I did to it:


First I used Idea-ology Tissue Tape - Market Place- on all of the raw edges.   Because the wood was painted, it stuck perfectly and it was SO easy to do!!  Then I started covering all of the other surfaces with Ideo-ology Paper Stash - Retro Grunge.   The paper was PERFECT for this project because several of the pieces have a wood grain pattern to them!!  It was really pretty easy but there were a few tricky parts because the house was NOT square!!  This is where the craft knife and sanding grip came in handy!!  I had it covered in no time!! I used the sanding grip to scuff up the paper just a bit, which brought out some of the roughness of the wood below. 


Then I went on to embellish it a bit!! I kept it fairly simple, but I still love the old country look. 




I had some old Prima sunflower vines that I thought would work perfectly!  I used the letters from Idea-ology Salvage Stickers to spell Fly, then the Idea-ology Adage Tickets for Soar, and the Idea-ology Muse Tokens says Forevermore - so basically it says "Fly, Soar, Forevermore"   (I really had NO idea what to spell, but I felt like Fly and Soar were sort of bird related..and then Forevermore sort of rhymed so I went with it! I'm TERRIBLE at word creativity!)  The bow is made from dyed seam binding - I used a variety of Ranger Distress Inks to create the color. 

Here's a few close-ups!

      birdhouse5 birdhouse6

Pretty cool, right?  I LOVED how it turned out - so much that I've already started to cover the sconce!!


Stay tuned!!


Broni said...

Super cool, Kisa! Love what you did with the precious keepsake birdhouse!!

Heather McNally said...

WOWZA, Kisa! This is gorgeous! What a wonderful keepsake of your son's work and your creativity!

Heather said...

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammie E said...

Wow, Kisa, the birdhouse is awesome! You and your son should team up more often!

Carol (HB) said...

aaaack! This is SO COOL! I love it!!!

mwebb said...

That looks really great!! You are sooo creative!


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