Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Color Throwdown Week 4

I can't believe we are already at week four of the Color Throwdown! The one bad thing about this is that summer is going WAY TOO FAST!

Cathy picked some great colors for this week!

One thing I've already learned in the last four weeks with the Throwdown is that I don't use a lot of colors! I don't know that I've ever used Almost Amethyst! Crazy, I know! I do think that it is a very pretty color, and I do like the purple family a lot .... I just don't ever use it! So being a bit nervous about this color combo....I didn't stamp! I found some paper that I thought would work and I used a rub-on! No stamping! I did, however, use a bit of ink to shade the edge of the paper! I find that I do this often, make cards without stamping and rely on rub-ons and pretty paper, especially if I'm not too confident about something. I made this card for my friend's mother who has been in the hospital and had to spend her birthday there. (Hi Sue! I hope all is going well and getting better - Hugs to you and your family.)

So here it is!

I had a hard time taking a picture of this card....sorry it seems so big! I wanted it to look like a wrapped up gift and not necessarily just a Birthday card, and I didn't really want it to say "Happy Birthday" and I thought "Make a Wish" worked well instead! Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to check out the other Throwdown cards!

Oh ya! Today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary! Mark and I are going out to dinner (without kids) - it should be fun!


Heather Lee-Reppen said...

Hope you have a great dinner!!!
Great card too btw!!!

broni (waterchild12) said...

Geez, Kisa! You don't look old enough to have been married 14 years! You must have gotten married BEFORE high school!! Happy anniversary! Your card is beautiful! Your friend's mother should love it!

LeAnne said...

I agree with Broni--how can you be married 14 years??!!
Wonderful card, I love the look of it, and that you were able to make it without stamping!!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Beautiful card, Kisa! The DejaViews paper is perfect for this!

Happy Anniversary, too! Have a great night out!

Cathy I. said...

Congrats!!! Great job with the colors - love this!!!

marywebb said...

Happy Anniversary Kisa!!! You and Mark have a wonderful dinner w/o the kiddos.


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