Monday, April 13, 2009

Crafty Sparkles and Fluffs!

Oohoo!  You can now get it all at Our Craft Lounge

Sparkly Fluff – It’s fluffy and flocky and oh so sparkly!!  Remember fuzzy stickers? Well, now you can make your own – but even better!  I LOVE the Sugar Sparkly Fluff – It is the white version, you can put it over anything and still see through it, but it is fuzzy and sparkly!

Crafty Fluff – Sometimes you just need the fluff….no sparkles!

Crafty Sparkles – An Awesome, Awesome, Awesome tiny shiny glitter! Did I say it was awesome? There are even a couple colors that are chunky!

Here I used the Chunky Crystal Crafty Sparkles for the center of the flowers.   The stamp set is Whispy Blooms from Our Craft Lounge.  I colored the flowers with Copic Markers. 

And be sure to check out the new blocks too!  Crafty Clear Blocks at OCL – they are freakin cute AND they work so well!  The edges are smooth and so comfortable! 

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Faith said...

I just went and ordered some... just gotta try it out...



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