Sunday, June 21, 2009

Missing in Action!

So, did you think I fell off the face of this planet?  I sort of feel that way!  My computer crashed and burned last Monday night and my cyber world seemed to crumble away!  Oh, the misery I was in – I felt so out of touch and so overwhelmed!  The most stressful part was that I am a self-employed medical transcriptionist and I rely 100% on my computer!  Ack!!! and to be without it double ACK!!….oh what a mess!  Luckily a great computer guy built me a new one over night!! I went to him Tuesday morning and he had a new one ready for me Wednesday morning!  My old computer was such a wreck!  Luckily he was able to save some old work files but unfortunately I lost all of my photos and a bunch of other stuff : ( …. Anyway, I’m back with a flying-fast computer, LOTS of memory (1 terabyte to be exact) and a 500 GB external hard drive so I can have my important stuff even of I don’t have my computer!   I spent the rest of the week reinstalling important programs and making my new computer feel a bit more like my own.  Then Friday I left town for a great weekend away with hubby, got back Sunday, and here I am….getting ready for another week! Tomorrow I hope to get a picture taken of a card I made with Our Craft Lounge Spotlight Stamp set and share it with you.  

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