Friday, July 10, 2009

And MORE photos!

NO card today, but figured I’d finish out the week of photos!  I just can’t say enough about Jessica Sprague classes! WOW!  SO easy, so well put together!

Today we worked on textures…adding textures over photos.  krista_back            IMG_0464_e

It sort of makes her legs look a little beat up….but I like the overall effect. 

Bandon Light House



Not sure that I really like the lacey look over the light house, but the light house is painted in the original “vintage” colors, so I went for a bit of a vintage look!  It used to be white, but in the last few years, they scraped off all of the years of paint and found these colors beneath, so they repainted it cream and red…..boy did it stir up some complaints in town by the ol’ folk!  I think it is a great looking lighthouse no matter the color! 

Have a great weekend!

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