Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Treasure You…..

I got a bit creative with this Sandy Sunsets card!  Sticking with my theme of My Mind’s Eye- Breaking Free, I decided I needed to change it up just a bit, so I tried cutting at a different angle! 


I love the decorative edge of this paper so I didn’t want to lose it, but it is a 12x12 piece, so I couldn’t all four edges trimmed with it, so I decided to take out my fancy Coluzzle and cut one side oval.  Not sure what look I was going for; different, perhaps!  I then used the “I treasure you” stamp from Whispy Blooms.  It is a rubber set, so it took a little coercing with scissors to make it stamp at a rounded angle!  I didn’t ruin the stamp by all means…I surgically enhanced it!  I actually do this enhancing to my rubber quite often.  It’s easy!  You take some small sharp scissors and make some strategic snips on the top part and some “V” shaped wedges are snipped out of the bottom.  Most rubber stamps come with enough room to do this.  Of course, you want to be very careful that you don’t cut the image.  Sometimes you can get this “enhanced” stamp to cling in the shape on your block, and sometimes it still needs just a little help….a not-too-sticky double-sided sticky tape works well – just be careful when you remove it so you don’t rip off the cling!  (of course, this little technique only works for unmounted rubber).   As much as I LOVE rubber……I love clear stamps because they can be “enhanced” nonsurgically!  You can stick it to the craft block with a curve without any incisions or excisions! 

So, are you curious about the “Palms” of the tree?  Well, I used Coffee Bean Crafty Sparkles first, and while it was still wet, I added a sprinkle of Real Juicy Orange Crafty Sparkles on top!  I LOVE the look it gave….you get the deep dark Coffee color with a splash of Orange!

Thanks for stopping by!


Heather said...

Super cute!!

Debbie Corbari said...

What a kewl card!!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

Oooohhhhhhhhhh, I'm LOVIN' the crafty sparkles on the palm leaves...TOO COOL!


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