Sunday, July 19, 2009

A little more Beauty and the Beach

Here’s my third of three Beauty and the Beach (Our Craft Lounge) cards!  I LOVE coloring her!  She’s showing soo much skin, it is a great opportunity to practice skin shading! 


Just as I opened up a new juicy blue Copic marker to color the bucket…..a drop splattered right on the white part of the card!  Oh, man!  I was NOT a happy girl!  I knew if I used a blender it still wouldn’t be perfect….. so I decided to put the same marker in my airbrush system, sketch tip end in rather than the chisel end, as you get more of the splatter, and splattered away!  I liked the effect, except I probably should have covered up granny because now she has blue dots on her skin!  Oh well!  Then I went crazy with Sparkly Fluff and Crafty Sparkles from Our Craft Lounge!  I LOVE doing cards this way!  I think it makes the card so much more fun!  Although I don’t crab very often, I do live on the coast and I have seen a few crab or two in my life and I KNOW that they really are a bit fuzzy, so I put a touch of Real Juicy Orange fluff on the crab’s back, and then finished off his legs with Real Juicy Orange Crafty Sparkles !   I used Coffee Bean Crafty Sparkles for touches of sand, Punk Purple Crafty Sparkles for the starfish, Blue Hawaii Crafty Sparkles for the bucket, Irish Green Crafty Sparkles for the grass,  Cosmo Crystal Crafty Sparkles for Granny’s pearls, and Sugar Sparkly Fluff for Granny’s hair!  Man! I used a lot of sparkles, 6 sparkles and 2 fluffs!!  I also used a Sakura clear glaze pen for granny’s glasses and Mr. Crab’s eyes. 

kisasbeachbeauty2 Again, I used My Mind’s Eye- Breaking Free for the paper – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old Woody printed paper!  Of course, being the perv I am…..I had to snicker to myself when I used this paper with Granny!  I thought it was perfect!!  

Thanks for checking Granny out!  Enjoy your Sunday!


Tenia Nelson said...

What a fun card!! tfs!!

Donna said...

What a great name for her: Beauty and the Beach! I love it. I also love the header to your blog. That's so kids isn't it! Have a wonderful week!

Heather McNally said...

Super fun! LOVE your coloring of her skin! And of course love all the bling baby!

Norine said...

this is too funny love it


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