Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nailed It….and a few more pics!

This is just a clever set!!  Nailed It by Our Craft Lounge.  I love all of the pieces that come with it, but I think my favorite stamp is the ruler! Look at this cute paper I made!  Of course, I could have colored it…….but……I think that would have been WAY too much coloring!!


So, I’m really not sure if this is a tool box or belt…….so I made it look like a leather pouch on a tool belt!  That’s one of the cool things about stamps and coloring; really, you can make it whatever you want! 

IMG_0018Here’s a little view of the inside….it says “Your Hard Work.”  


Okay, so now you have to suffer through my pictures again!  Day three of the Jessica Sprague on-line digital photo class…..we were to vintage – up some pictures.  This has been my MOST favorite part so far!  I had NO idea how to do this and I’m completely in love with it!!


So, it looks pretty normal, right?  Well, here’s the original…..


Of course, my nephew is cute in both, but I do like the edited version better! 

And number two for the day….

andrew_web_2 I love this look!  Sort of a sepia/vintage look…..with a bit of rosy-red cheeks!

Before editing:


And ONE more….I did a little extra to this one – and one day I’ll figure out how to really make the eyes pop with added color!


Check this out!


Thanks for suffering through!


Norine said...

love the card great for a male which we all know is hard to do
great pics too

Heather said...

Your card is awesome! I love how you did the background!
The pictures are SO cool! Now I really need to start learning now to do some of this stuff (or send all my photos to you and have you do it, LMBO!).
Hope you have a great day!

Joy said...

Kisa, you are a ROCKSTAR!!!! I love the card. You amaze me with your backgrounds!

You go girl with your digi stuff. Now you gotta teach me! :)


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