Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today’s Photos (cards later!)

I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this photo editing class!  Jessica Sprague has such WONDERFUL video tutorials – she makes everything so easy!

Today’s lesson was “clipping”.  Apparently we clip a photo so a mask – okay!  Basically, it just gives the photo a nice rough edge, or whatever shape your mask is that you clip the photo to!  Luckily, she had a wonderful tutorial and a free mask! 

I was running out of photos, so after dinner out tonight, I drug the kids across the street and made them walk the plank – okay – it was a dock, but still….they didn’t enjoy it that much! It was a beautiful evening, so bright and sunny!  I still need LOTS of practice trying to figure out my camera, but these will do for now!

andrew_krista_docks copy

The sun was SOOO bright, it washed out the sky, so  I did a little photoshop touch up to the sky!  Not sure if it looks real, but it looks okay! Below is the original photo, and by the time I cropped it, i was left with a white sky and a tiny corner of blue.


Photo 2:  I’m laughing at this one!….. I brightened/whitened her teeth up just a bit too much! Oh the things you can do with Photoshop!  Man…..I wonder if It could make me look like I lost 100 lbs! 


Not that her teeth really needed it….but I thought it would be a good picture to try it on!  Whoa! It’s WINDY!


 And for my favorite one of the day:


I pulled out an old favorite! I love this picture of my nephew -  I used the vintage tinting technique as well as the clipping technique on this picture!  Isn’t it so cute!?

Here’s the original:


I have a couple Our Craft Lounge projects to share with you later….

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