Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hoppy Holiday!!

I’ve been a blog-slacker again – sorry!  I do have a good excuse though!  My 11-year-old son had his tonsils removed on Friday, so I’ve been taking care of him.  Last night, around 10 p.m., I finally got him to eat something besides applesauce.  He lost 5 pounds in 4 days – poor guy …….. Hmmm….. maybe I should get my tonsils out! Oh wait, I already did.  Darn it. I’m always looking for a way to lose weight. LOL!  Anyway, last night I found a packet of Bananas and Cream instant oatmeal and fixed it up for him nice and runny and smooth and he was able to eat it!  Yahooo!  We were thrilled!  He had it for breakfast too!  So I’m hoping this means he’s finally going to start feeling better! 

10727_1187746926998_1028051925_30504407_1819176_n Here’s a picture right before surgery – feeling a little relaxed with some meds!


And…..Here’s my card for today!


It’s Hoppy Holidays from Our Craft Lounge!  This frog is just way too cute!   I used a Copic Marker to color the backside of the clear acrylic snowflake – so you can actually see it on the white paper!   Of course, the hat and scar are fluffed up with Sparkly Fluff

I’ve been busy with bridal shower favors and thank-you cards so I’ll share those with you this week!


Artfully Stamping said...

Oh, poor baby. I hope he is feeling better now. :)

Etha said...

Cool Taod :)

Aww, I hopeyour little one feels better soon!! I don't think the tonsils thing will work for weight loss though. When I got mine out waaaaay back I must have gained like 20 pounds. My family was joking about that for a long time saying that now finally food fits through my throat LOL...


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