Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Shot at Edward

Okay, so I showed my Dracula Vampire yesterday…. today I’ll show you my attempt at Edward! LOL! I laugh every time I see this – it looks NOTHING like Edward, yes, I know…..BUT – it is a vampire with brown hair….and he’s all shimmery! LOL!  My daughter just does NOT get it!  I keep trying to tell her that it is my own interpretation of Edward…..not a photo of him! 


Maybe if I don’t tell people he’s supposed to be Edward….He’ll just look like a cool  vampire! 

I used Our Craft Lounge’s For-Bitten stamp set again for the mouth, circle punches for the eyes, Nestabilities for the head and card, and an oval punch for the nose.  I used Sugar Crafty Sparkles all over the place (and wore it most of the day too).  I free-handed the hair and colored it with a few different Earth Tone Copic Markers – trying to get it to look like hair!

Thanks for stopping by….sorry if I have disappointed your Edward craving in any way!  LOL!

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