Friday, October 2, 2009

TODAY is Friday….

NOT yesterday!  I thought yesterday was Friday all the way until noon – what a disappointment I had when I realized it was only Thursday!  So, since I already gave you my Candy Monster Friday Finale (a day early) I’ll share a little winter with you instead today!


Our Craft Lounge - Snow Place Like Home  I had FUN with this card! I layered and layered and layered it!  There are THREE stamped igloos, four stamped snowball piles, and two layers of trees!  Cami suggested I cover the snowballs with Ice Crystal Crafty Sparkles and Glossy Accents – they look awesome in real life!  I also added Crafty Sparkles to the trees, the igloo and the star – I LOVE  Crafty Sparkles (it’s an ultrafine glitter!)

You can kind of see the layers in this photo (and the Glossy Accents). 


Have a great National Card Making Day today!!


Carol (HB) said...

SHUT UP! This is so CUTE! I love how you layered it all!!!

Debbie Corbari said...

OMW Kisa...this card is amazing! LOVE IT!


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