Friday, February 19, 2010

There’s a new Sketch in town!

It’s the OCL Friday Sketch Challenge at The Lounge!  I thought you might like to check it out (there’s a prize involved) and you’ll find all the rules over there!

There’s also a new Hot fella in town! Golfin Gramps!  He reminds me of my old high school History teacher, Mr. Handley… Thankfully my teacher did NOT talk about any kind of balls, he did, however, put me to sleep quite easily with his talk of history and he made a mean apple cider.  Not sure how well you can see it in the photo, but I Fluffed his hair!! LOL!  He’s all sugar-coated with Sugar Sparkly Fluff! And, you see that paper with the clouds?  Yep, that’s the cloud from Sunshine Cheer – Oh how I love that set!!


So here’s the first week’s sketch, which is based on a wonderful card by Broni - (be sure to check out the OCL Blog to see her card).  I hope you play along!!



Terri said...

So cute! Love the fluffy hair. I should be getting that set in the mail today or tomorrow! :)

Heather McNally said...

LOVE it Kisa - he's so stinkin' cute! Love his fluffy hair - and your background paper! ROCKIN'!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

You fluffed his hair! cool! Love the colors and that sentiment totally cracks me up!

Pam said...

Great minds, huh?! I LOVE your gramps and the background paper you made! Oh, and the colored brads too!

Cambria Turnbow said...

Love it Kisa! Way to use those stamps girl! :)

Hey.. did you mess up our blog?

Joy said...

Cute.... I'll e-mail you my comment privately! :)

Heather said...

This is SOOO cute! Fabulous card!

MichelleY said...

Get out!!! I LOVE the stamped cloud background and the way you layered the sentiment. Kisa, you ROCK!!!

BTW...your kiddos are adorable!

Broni said...

Dang it, Kisa, this is SOOOO cute!! I LOVE how you used the cloud. I guess I just have to get that set now!!


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