Friday, March 5, 2010

OCLDT03 Sketch Challenge

Oh YES!  It’s Friday and boy am I happy about that, although I did have a little scare this morning.  While I was still half asleep my husband asked me to put a garbage bag in the can when I got up, as he had taken the garbage out.  Well, I panicked!  I said, “OH!! What day is it? Is it Wednesday?”  He said, “No, it’s Friday and I just want you to put a bag in the can.”  The garbage truck comes on Wednesdays and in my sleepy confusion I thought it was Wednesday and I was sooooo disappointed that it wasn’t Friday!  Now I’m EXTRA thankful for Friday! 

Friday also brings us the OCL Sketch Challenge, and it’s a fab one at that!!  You can read all about the rules for the challenge at the OCL Blog and be sure to check out Valerie’s inspiration for the sketch!



  Here’s a close-up of the cute Fancy Pants Pins from eP 

eieihello3 (and since I worry about the little things – I cut the pointy ends off the pins so no one will get hurt!)

The Barnyard 


I loved the sketch so much I decided to do it twice and give some lovin’ to each cow!  My first card I decided to add a few layers and some extra embellishments! The paper for both cards is My Mind’s Eye – Abby Road.  One thing I LOVE about sketches is that you can copy them to a T or you can just use them as a starting point – so here, I Stretched the Sketch just a bit!  Of course, I used Eyeliner Black Sparkly Fluff for both of the cows – cow spots in my book MUST by sparkly-fluffed!  I also used some on the rooster’s comb!  I even used some Crafty Sparkles on the second cow’s mouth-full of hay!

For the second card, I stuck to the sketch a bit better.   I used buttons instead of the sentiment along the bottom.  I also centered the main image on the patterned paper rather than having it hang over the bottom edge.  What I REALLY like to do with sketches is to create my card by memory – I look at the sketch, then I go to my table and try to remember the layers and create it – that way I know I’m giving it my own personal style yet still using the sketch as a starting point.  

Here’s the sketch – so go out and have fun with it this weekend!



Cindy Lawrence said...

You know what, girl? You have a KNACK for cows! I know that sounds ridiculous...but REALLY you DOOOOO!!! These are FABULOUS cards, my friend...absolutely COW-FABULOUS! :)

Heather McNally said...

LOVE your two cards! LOVE your stretching! MOOO-licious!

Heather said...

These are so cute! Love the buttons!

Broni said...

These are both super cute, Kisa! I LOVE the first one with all the buttons, and the second cow with the grass in her mouth is darling!!


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