Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Double Dose!!

Please FEED the Monsters!!  I tried to be clever with this card! I masked the Candy Monster, and then I took the S off another sentiment stamp in this set and added it to the end of Monster to make Monsters!! 

101_4555 Large Web view I still only used the four Copic markers that come with the Candy Monster set – As much as I LOVE that Copic markers come in so many colors – I LOVE that you can still get great effects with minimal colors!! 

Last night my son had a football game – I usually don’t brag much about my kids, but he really played a great game!  He ran in a couple of touch downs, he also threw the ball in for a touch down and a 2-point conversion.  I’m so bad with sports and the correct terms – so bear with me!  I got some GREAT pictures too! I LOVE my camera!!

I LOVE this one!!



shawn7           shawn11

shawn16           shawn16td 

Nice Stiff arm!!


Throwing a touchdown pass!


Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my little photo run!


broni (waterchild12) said...

Adorable monster card, Kisa! And I LOVE the pictures of your son! Wow! They're really great and I can tell you're so proud, as you should be!!

Carol (HB) said...

Oh Kisa, your pics are FABULOUS! Action shots with not a blur in sight! WOW! You'll have to remember to tell me what kind of camera you use... Christmas is coming and I may need to start a list!


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